Monday, September 11, 2006

A face to remember

This is the face of Nancy Yuen Ngo of Harrington Park, NJ. She was 36 Years old on September 11th 2001 (my age today). Nancy was working as a Network Consultant for Marsh & McLennan Cos. Inc. on the 95th floor of 1 World Trade Center (North Tower) when the first of the hijacked airliners (American Flight 11) struck the building at 8:46 AM between the 94th and 98th floors.

Nancy and two hundred ninety-four of her Marsh & McLennan colleagues were killed in the attacks of Sept. 11. All of them were working in the World Trade Center except one employee who was a passenger on one of the hijacked planes.

Nancy graduated from the Polytechnic University in Brooklyn New York. Eight of her fellow Polytechnic alumni also died in the attacks. Nancy was survived by her husband Nick and two daughters Ashley and Lindsay.

Those are the facts. But who was Nancy Yuen Ngo? What kind of person was she?

Some people that knew Nancy have posted the following about her on one of the 9/11 message boards:

Nancy is one of those few souls who shall live on eternally... in her humor, benign sarcasm, and infinite "spunk". We suffered catholic grade school and high school together. She successfully suprised me by throwing my bridal shower for me. She has been there for me at important times of my life.

Her energy was endless and her love of life, family and friends infinite. Nancy's vision was far reaching. She knew what she wanted and needed to do, and then, would successfully know how to "do it". I know that Nancy is somewhere a free spirit watching over her family and friends, still smiling her famous smile. I cherish her friendship and miss that "charismatic personality" who knew how to make make "hearts glow".

I look out my back window and my heart breaks every day knowing a wonderful mother will not see her daughter's grow up.

She will be very missed.
Unfortunately I was not able to learn more about her. It saddens me because there were obviously people out there that loved her very much. I can only imagine how deep their grief must be.

You can view her square on the 9/11 Memorial quilt here. I won't forget her face and neither should any of our readers. It's the face of an innocent person who committed no crime.

I am truly humbled to be participating in this tribute. This post will remain at the top of the blog until midnight on September 11, 2006. We will also post a permanent link to this post on the sidebar of this blog because not one victim of 9/11 should ever be forgotten. If you knew Nancy Yuen Ngo, we welcome your comments which will be added to this post.

Please read about some of the other victims being honored by my fellow bloggers of all political persuasions by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

It's hard to believe that after 5 years, it still feels just as raw as yesterday. I honored Michael Haub. Thank you for your memorial!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful tribute to Nancy..

Thank you for sharing her story with us..

My thoughts and prayers are with her family and all the other families as the 5th Anniversary of 9/11 approaches.

God bless you,

BrassyLady (2,996 blogger)

You may visit my tribute at:

BabyonBored said...

That tribute made me cry. The woman I paid tribute to was exactly my age now when she died on 9/11 as well. I thought that was so strange. Please read my memorial if you have time as well. I feel honored to be a part of this and I thank you for doing your part!

keda said...

a lovely tribute. thank you.
i also posted about a spunky young man. they will always be missed.

brian said...

Thank you for writing this tribute to this lovely woman. She deserves to be remembered as a person, not a number.

Please stop by my tribute to Gilbert and leave a link and comment so that others can come here to read.

Suzi said...

I expect many of the people who loved Nancy are just like you and have been unable to post because they can't wrap their heads around the idea that she is gone. I am sad that her daughters will grow up without her. I am sad that her husband will always wake up without her.

I am glad that you remembered Nancy here. We must remember them. We must not forget.

I remembered