Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Throwing stones from glass houses.

As SrCohiba already pointed out in a previous post, that the pinkos of the world are coming together to hold hands and lie through their teeth in a quasi-commie orgy called NAM: Non-aligned Movement. Holding true to it's name NAM has never been much of allied movement and has achieved very little as a political organism. In their opposition to the colonialism, neo-colonialism, and imperialism it was well known that during the 1960's the bulk of it's members were suckling at the mostly dry teets of the Soviet Union. Last I checked "Neo-colonialism" is having the dependency of one country under another regardless is the country is capitalistic or communistic. Non-alignment indeed. They lack alignment in ideology, in organization, and in thought.

Speaking of non-aligned thoughts let us turn to the events that will be happening soon in Havana, Cuba:

One of the proposed projects is a statement:

Organizers will work on a final declaration that rejects all terrorism against civilian populations, including "state terrorism" in a statement that will chastise Israel and the United States for invasions in Lebanon and Iraq. (Las Vegas Sun)

As I deeply tremble at the significance of this possibly earth-shaking statement, I would like to point out certain members of NAM:

The former country of Iraq
The not yet State of Palestine
North Korea

Obviously there are more, but I think these four portend the ridiculousness of a statement on terrorism. How does the saying go: those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones?

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el polaco said...

what is absolutely hilarious is that so many "intellegent" people take these pronouncements seriously ...... Unfortunately, this seriousness just encourages those others;eg IRAN, N KOREA, that ugly bastard from Venezuela; to think that they'll getaway with their warmongering and evil....