Thursday, September 28, 2006

Hugo's Latest Lapdog Lackey

My fellow infidels, meet Rafael Correa. He's running for president in Ecuador. He is currently the frontrunner and like his neighbor, Evo Morales, is a lapdog lackey of the Burro of the Americas, Hugo Chavez. Apart from Morales, all of Hugo's little lapdogs have lost in Peru and Mexico. Nicaragua and Equador are next on his list so that along with Cuba, they can establish an Axis of Come Mierderia on the American continent.

As boorish and moronic as the bumbaclot Chavez came across in his speech at the UN, now this moronic kusemik maricon is following Hugo's lead by his statement that: "the devil should be offended that Chavez compared him to the U.S. president. The devil is evil, but at least he is smart." How original. I'm sure we can expect this clown to start discussing the dictatorship of the proleteriat any day now as well as his admiration of Danny Glover's penis size like Hugo did at the UN.

The article reads in part:

Chavez, who has tapped anti-American sentiment in Venezuela to boost his popularity, last week branded Bush the devil at the U.N. General Assembly, drawing laughter and applause from the audience, but widespread condemnation in the United States.

Rafael Correa, who has surged in Ecuadorean polls this month and boasts Chavez is his friend, said Bush was less intelligent than Satan and only entered the White House through fraud.
* * *
His remarks will likely anger the United States and fuel fears among foreign investors that his confrontational style could stir instability in a country where three presidents have been toppled in the last decade.

Correa, who has threatened to withhold foreign debt payments, has increasingly adopted tactics similar to those of Chavez. He has risen in the polls, pledging to overhaul the political system through a referendum -- as the Venezuelan did before sweeping into office.

Correa opposes U.S. free trade deals with poor Latin American countries and has said, if elected, he would "cut his arm" before extending a contract that allows Washington to use an air base in Ecuador to combat drug trafficking.

Such a combination of leftist, anti-U.S. policies have helped candidates across the region in elections, although not all have ended up winning office.

Despite Correa's surge, polls predict he will fail to win outright on October 15 and will face a tight runoff election late November against a center-left rival with traditional parties' backing.

Read the entire article here.

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