Thursday, September 07, 2006

NY Times Biased? No!

You will not believe what Carlos Eire has to say about his recent encounter with The Times. Remember as you read his thoughts that The Times probably had more to do with castro's rise to power than any other person or institution in the world. Back before the paper had been discredited as a mouthpiece for anti-American liberalism Herbert Matthews, one of its reporters, did a series of reports in which he championed fidel as a Robin Hood figure. Many had given fidel up for dead but Matthews, the perfect useful idiot, brought him back to life and began the creation of the myth that persists to this day.

At this time, I shouldn't be surpised by what the NYT editor told Eire but still, I'm revulsed.

For more about The Times and its consistent bias in favor of Fidel Castro read The Man Who Invented Fidel by Anthony Depalma

Hat tip: Ziva at Babalu

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This is the type of blogging I like to read. I applaud my brother in New Englan (land of those who find themselves elite over the rest of the country)who very eliquently displayed the ire and gall of the NYT's bigatry in action. I salute you sir because a man is known for what he does in private not spoken in public. You have not compromise your principles when the NYT came calling like a smooth talking whore. VIVA CUBA LIBRE CARAJO!