Thursday, September 14, 2006

Smoke-filled rooms

I've been a Republican since I registered to vote (and for the draft) on my 18th birthday. One week from today it will be 18 years since. So I've been a Republican for exactly half of my life and for my entire adult life. And as I look back, I have to wonder why my party has abandoned me. Unfortunately public life in America has become about politics rather than ideology. In a political battle, we conservatives lose almost every time. That's because the left will say anything or do anything to regain power. They are masters at telling people what they want to hear instead of telling them the truth.

There's a reason Ronald Reagan's image graces the banner of this blog along with those other great thinkers and statesmen. It's there because it belongs there. I'm quite sure that the only poll numbers Reagan really cared about were the ones in November. By that, I mean he held steadfast to his ideology, a winning ideology. Reagan didn't care if you were a Democrat, he could find the common ground and more often than not, he'd convince you to join the winning side.

I can only imagine what Ronald Reagan could have done if he had a majority in both houses of Congress. It's not that I disagree with Bush on a lot of issues (I have my beefs though they are fewer than most people) it's just that he can't articulate the vision of the party the way he should. And I don't buy the idea that he's dumb. During the election campaign of 2000, I saw an interview he had done with Brian Lamb years before (right after Clinton beat GHW Bush). W wasn't running for anything and he was articulate and smart.

I guess I'm just ranting. It just pisses me off that the Republican party would take sides in a party primary like they did against Steve Laffey in his attempt to unseat Lincon Chafee from Rhode Island's senate seat. Similarly, here in Florida they ran a campaign against Katherine Harris and in Miami against Alex Villobos.

It just feels dirty. Deals instead of ideas. Smoke-filled rooms instead of debates.

Where have you gone Ronald Reagan?

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Srcohiba said...

Funny you should mention Reagan. I was reading today that Judge Alito was inspired as a teenager by Reagan's speech at the 1964 convention. I decided to read it and still speaks to us today. Check it out.