Monday, October 23, 2006

A dedication

Reader Beckie sent me this message which was posted by an Italian at the Andy Garcia fan club forum.

Good morning to everybody,

sorry for my poor English, but I wanted to dedicate this letter to Mr. Garcia and his "The Lost City" and to all his fans.


I am veteran from a travel to Cuba, I use the term "veteran" as if I had been in war.

Yes, because the conflict has been between the feelings, the emotions, the visions, the odors: like the aroma of the tobacco that has a perfume of flowers and chocolate, the sensations like the warm one that makes to evaporate the dreams for to accumulate them in abundant clouds and then to dash again them to earth.

I have cried, because I have seen the beauty, the extraordinary beauty of a disfigured city by the abandonment and the time, crumbling her, it makes her lose memory of herself.

I have cried because I have seen the resignation of some people, the unawareness of others and the hope in the oblivion of the future.

I have cried because they have asked me some money, some suits for their children, a soap.

I have cried because I have perceived her breath through the music, with her singers' voice, between her writers' words, her painters' colors .

I have cried because I have felt her crying to come from the tropical courtyard that it welcomes you in the maternal womb of her soul.

This is for me Cuba, these are the signs that she has left me, the bitterness of the conscious impotence and the presumption of to free the thought for a country suspended in the time for which I would want instantly a miracle.



Laura from Italy

No thank you Laura, and be sure to tell your Italian friends about your experiences.

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