Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The incredible disappearing newspaper reporter (cont.)

Still no sign of Oscar Corral at the Herald (he hasn't authored an article since October 3rd) though he did manage to pay a few a minutes of attention to his "blog" on the 20th of October. Just enough time to post a link to a Miami New Times article about Miami-based castro-mouthpiece Max Lesnik and how it was his radio character, El Duende, that scooped the Martí Moonlighters story and how it was likely that Reinaldo Taladrid, the Havana-based castro-mouthpiece, got the information from Lesnik's radio broadcasts or web site.

If Corral only read Herald Watch, like many others at 1 Herald Plaza do, then he'd know that fact. In fact, these details were made public in a column by Andres Reynaldo in El Nuevo Herald, that was published over a month ago.

I wonder what Corral is being paid to do. Must be nice.

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