Thursday, October 12, 2006

No More Beer in Chavez Land

As expected, the latest from El Burro de Caracas is that he is tired of seeing beer trucks around the city. So he has decided to simply ban beer. So for those poor souls who go to Venezuela to be with family and such, forget the suds. Soon you'll be forced to drink Jugo de Coca imported from Bolivia and the swill they make in cuba which they call rum. I wonder if being deprived of beer is grounds for asylum??? This burro may soon realize that a ban on beer and the beer runs may be the undoing of his pinko-style revolution. If you think about it, beer and alcohol is probably the only medicine available to the people there which allows them to tolerate this bloated sack of protoplasm. Take away the beer, and perhaps the public will rise above and dump el burro into a vat of swill. Here's the article:

A.P. - CARACAS, Venezuela — Venezuela's president has a new public enemy: beer trucks.

President Hugo Chavez said Tuesday he is fed up with seeing beer
trucks sell alcohol directly on the streets of poor neighbourhoods.

"It's the degeneration of society. It's one of the causes of public drunkenness in the slums," he said as he declared he was putting a ban on the beer runs.

"As of today, I want the National Guard to stop the beer trucks and take them to the nearest command post. No more trucks," he said in a televised speech.

Chavez was speaking before participants in a state program aimed at helping alcoholics, the homeless and street children. The crowd had cheered him enthusiastically earlier in his speech, but his beer decree was met with a lukewarm response and scattered applause.

Chavez assured his audience he was not banning the consumption of alcohol.

The leader's order apparently was aimed at trucks that sell beer directly on the streets of poor neighbourhoods, rather than those delivering to liquor stores or other established businesses. Selling alcohol requires a licence.

Although drinking alcohol in public areas is illegal in Venezuela, bottles of beer are often downed on street corners, and it's a preferred thirst-quencher at public rallies — including during some of Chavez's long-running speeches.

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