Thursday, October 12, 2006

A Nobel for Sheehan? Pa' Su Madre!

Infidels, can you believe this? Cindy's a finalist for the Nobel Peace Prize? Well, she would be in good company given recent winners such as Arafat. I'm more convinced each day that the world is on drugs!
Read the article here.
UPDATE: Looks like Cindy lost. The Nobel Peace Prize goes to a banker from Bangladesh. Sorry Cindy, but it looks like wiser minds prevailed this time. Read the article here.


el polaco said...

talk about 'loose' translations.... he he he

ziva said...

I have to wonder if she'd have faired better if hugo hadn't made such an ass of himself at the UN. At any rate thank god she lost--can you imagine the media saturation if she'd won, and the self rightous speeches.