Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The world according to SMEB

I thought you people migh want to see SMEB's writings for yourselves. Click here to find out who the hell SMEB is. After a little digging I found an easy for you to see all of his posts at a message board he frequents. Warning some of the pictures are not be compatible with a work environment.

Here's some excerpts from the classy ladies man that is SMEB:

That's what real men should be into. Screw paintings, you can't ride, eat, drink or fuck them!

Of course! Not everytime but when i really like a girl i give her more lengua in her culo than a bobo to a chambelona. What's wrong with that? the ass is clean except when they poop. But even then i could lick my 16yo little jinetera (she would kill me if she reads this, lol) ass clean with no problems, she's that hot, man. How about Cuba in December Wotan? take your wife there, show her Cuba man.

I'll be renting a house up in the mountains for a full day including a pig, food, the night for $70. Big freaking party man, even grandma is coming. I want to kill the pig myself, last one i tried to kill was many years ago and ran after i stabed him twice in what i thought was the heart, lol.

Of course not! our women have too much asses and big, heavy legs like we like them! no chichen legs, sick looking skinny pussy model kind!
Oh makes sure take a look at his pictures of his visits "to abuelita."

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