Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Holy take-down, Batman!

If you want to see a first class take-down of a total douchebag then you should read the comments on this post at Babalu.

The post was about the announcement yesterday that a new government task force was being set up to ensure the existing sanctions against Cuba are enforced. A lot of the expected commentary ensued like the idea that this was being done now for political reasons because an election is coming up (an argument that doesn't hold water because nobody in South Florida is in danger of losing their congressional seat and the Senate and Governor's races are all but decided -one for a Democrat and one for Republican respectively). But one commentator named SMEB added his thoughts about family visitation:

Great! ahora si vamos a tumbar a Castro! never mind the ganaderos and agricultores go to Cuba to sell their products... but i'm not allowed to go and visit sick grandma. That's why i violate the law and go to Cuba as often as cuando me sale de los ...
In another comment SMEB says:
You don't know me Val, how can you tell i entered this country "for political purposes"? I had a family reunification visa, nothing to do with politics. But that's not important. The FACT is a few weeks before elections we get news of a "task force" to make sure OFAC laws are follow, etc... lol, now stupid do these politicians think we are? In the mean time i've seen pictures of some republican governor smoking a fine Havano with Fidel's oldest brother IN HABANA! Yet i'm being told i can't go back to Cuba to see my family, right! That's why i go 2-3 times a year using Cancun, Nassau, Santo Domingo... and don't care what some law says. Bring it on OFAC, i can't wait to see how you will prove i went to Cuba! jejeje.
And here's another comment on the same post by SMEB:
True Val, that may be the case. But i've also learned that there is NOTHING more important in life than family and no law is going to keep me away from mine. But i also think than going to Cuba i do more for the freedom of my country than all the policies in place for almost 50 years. I can tell people how life is in a free country, i can tell how if you work hard you can have a good life... etc. It also feels good to watch the face of "el jefe del comite" that old hijo'e puta when i drive by him on my brand new rental car.
Well it turns out that SMEB, the man who loves his abuelita and needs to travel to Cuba 3 times a year is the guy who made made several message board posts back in August of last year about how enjoys going to Cuba for the sex. He had explicit pictures of naked women in his rented Audi on which he had photoshopped the words ""Smeb's Mobile" and "Solo monto Putas" (I only give rides to whores).

This was Val Prieto's response to Mr. SMEB when he realized the connection:

Thank you for your kind words.

I agree with you that it's your money and you can spend it however you want. What I have a huge problem with is deception. Specifically when someone comes here and makes altruistic comments, tugging at heart strings about missing and visiting family and loved ones and how they absolutely must travel to Cuba to see them because they miss them so much and its so inhumane of the US to prevent them from doing so, then travel to Cuba, rent an Audi, fill it with jineteras, write "solo monto putas" on the windshield of said Audi and then proceed to screw every single jinetera and puta they can find and then, when they come back, posting said pictures along with the story on the internet.

Doesnt that bother you too, SMEB?
Here is SMEB's half-hearted and wholly idiotic retort in which he denies nothing:
Those were not jineteras, those were cuban friends. If while living in Cuba i and other guys could get any girls we wanted can you imagine now when i go back? I have a hard time keeoing girs away from me. Not becasue the new Audi i drive, not because all the $$$ i have but becasue i'm a goodlooking, nice guy who treats women the right way.

If while living in Cuba and riding an old russian bike could get any girl i wanted what can i say now?

Btw, those pics were to bother your friend Enero, that nutjob "cuban", jejeje. Relax Val life is short.
To which Val responded with:

You'll forgive me if call out your complete and total hypocrisy displayed here on this thread. Travel to Cuba to visit long lost family, eh? Por favor asere. Vas a hechar palo y na mas. It's people like you that make things difficult for those who really need to travel to see relatives all the more difficult.

Todo se paga en la vida bro. todo.
Loosely translated, Val's last line is: what goes around comes around. I hope so. May SMEB die a painful death from a virulent strain of latent syphilis. It's too bad the pictures SMEB posted on that message board aren't up any more, then you could appreciate how classless the guy is.

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