Friday, November 24, 2006

Cuba, the only country where you can...

drink, eat and not work.

At least that's what a man named Idalberto tells Caribbean Net News. A surprisingly candid report was published on the web site of that "news" agency, which is usually very sympathetic to the castro regime often publishing official Cuban government statements literally word for word. Some excerpts:

Video footage released on Oct. 28 shocked Cubans with images of a gaunt and tired-looking Castro walking with difficulty. More Cubans now think their seemingly indestructible leader may have cancer, despite official denials.

A majority of Cubans - struggling to make ends meet since the collapse of the country's biggest benefactor, the Soviet Union - hope his designated successor Raul Castro will relax restrictions on small private businesses.

"People want to leave because you cannot do anything without state approval," said Alex, a food supply worker who declined to give his surname for fear of reprisal. "I cannot make my own money. The government is always on top of us."

He said theft from the state was widespread by employees seeking to supplement their meager wages.


"People are complaining more loudly in the lines. I think there will be chaos and infighting when Fidel is gone," said Perez, a communications technician who was fired in 2001 and has not been allowed to leave the island since July.


Cuba's cradle-to-grave safety net has its benefits, said Idalberto, a black market money changer who declined to give his full name as he swigged rum from a bottle with friends in a park.

"Socialism does not work, but I'm not going anywhere. This is the only country where you can drink, eat and not work."


Anonymous said...

Like the Cubans say "Fidel pretends to pay us and we pretend we work".

Anonymous said...

For your interest, they just showed an amazing doc here in UK where republican congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen brazenly admits to supporting CIA attempts to assassinate Castro

It's an amazing confession, see it on

(oh and she's just been re-elected in Florida!)

It's making news here because the doc also featured what was practically a confession by Orlando Bosch that he planned the bombing of a cuban airliner killing 73 civilians over ten years ago.

Bosch is living a free man because George Bush Snr, granted him leave to remain in US despite objections of Senate and Congress.

See more on the doc's website

What do you think?
Is this making news in the US?
(It is getting connected here with the assassination of the russian spy last week)


Henry "Conductor" Gomez said...


First of all, the fact that the US tried to assassinate castro is not news. It's old news. When those attempts were made, in the 60's, Ros Lehtinen was not in congress nor did she have anything to do with ordering them. Why is it that when it comes to plots about killing castro it's always the CIA that takes the blame and not the Kennedy administration which either or ordered or approved the plots.

Secondly in that You Tube clip there is an obvious jump cut between her first statements and the ones about assassination. There is no context for her statement. Was she talking about Cubans on the island, the CIA, what?

Besides he fact that she welcomes the idea of assassinating a tyrant is not offensive to me. castro is not a democratically elected leader and does not hesitate twice about killing people he doesn't agree with. He came to power using terrorism and violence and has used terror and violence to stay in power. He's the only unelected leader in the western hemisphere.

Are you telling me that Rommel and other german generals that plotted to kill Hitler were wrong? Are you telling me that the Italians that killed Mussolini were wrong?

Give me a break. Besides there's substantial evidence to make an argument that castro had a hand in JFK's assassination. Perhaps you should look into that.

Henry "Conductor" Gomez said...

Link to article about German documentary about castro and JFK assassination.