Saturday, November 25, 2006

Where's the outcry...

For Hilda Molina?

Frank Calzon writes a great column published in the New York Sun that compares the plight of Hilda Molina to Elian Gonzalez? Where are all the people that claim that the US travel restrictions to Cuba create unneccesary family separation? Why don't they denounce the castro regime the same way they denounce the Bush administration?

The legal battle over whether Elian should stay or return to Cuba provoked a public furor and was waged for months. While it was waged, Elian's father, grandmothers, and school friends were allowed to visit him in America.

Roberto Carlos and Juan Pablo [Molina's grandsons] benefit from no similar uproar over Mr. Castro's refusal to let their grandmother and great-grandmother visit them in Argentina. Most American pundits don't even know they exist. The New York-based National Council of Churches, so instrumental in the campaign to reunite Elian with his Cuban family, and congressmen such as New York Democrats Jose Serrano and Charles Rangel, who took to the airwaves to champion family reunions, have had little or nothing to say about Dr. Molina and her grandchildren.

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ziva said...

Those rat bastards could care less about the plight of Cuban families. Their campaign to return Elian to Cuba wasn't about the family; it was all about pleasing fidel. Makes you wonder just what Serrano, Rangel and their ilk get in return doesn't it.