Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Pelosi's Culture of Corruption Revisited

Well infidels, just yesterday I posted about Nancy, the San Fran Liberal Madam's hypocrisy in selecting John Murtha as the Dem's new majority leader, and her new culture of corruption, and her expensive hair cuts and what not. Today, the WSJ also chimes in as well once again showing you that it is easy to talk the talk, as the Dems did to take Congress by blasting the GOP's culture of corruption. The Dems vowed to bring integrity back into government. So the first and most important act the Dems do? Have they walked the walk? Short answer Mcfly -- No! Instead, they award their cronies with key positions including Mr. Murtha who has ethics charges and issues up the wazoo.

Read the WSJ's editorial here.

UPDATE: Even the Washington Post has editorialized that the selection of Murtha flies in the face of Nan's comments that "The Democrats intend to lead the most honest, most open and most ethical Congress in history." Of course if Nan selects Alcee Hastings (former impeached Judge) another one who had bribery issues, just goes to show that the Dems are totally full of sh*t who are no better than Tom Delay and all the others they criticize from the GOP. And folks, this is the 1st decision the Madam has made. Shows you what we will have in store for the next 2 years. Read the Post editorial here.

Columnist Robert Novak also chimes in on this issue in a well written article. Read it here.


Rick said...

Say it in one breath, Senor.


Srcohiba said...

And your point? We're out of power. It's a new ballgame now. The Dems are at the plate.

The Madam is the new Coach who wants to "lead the most honest, most open and most ethical Congress in history." And who does she have as its leaders? She is passing up those with more seniority on the committees and those without ethical issues in favor of cronies?

More of the pot calling the kettle black dude.

What she is going is akin to naming: Tommy Chong as head of the DEA; OJ Simpson as head of the DOJ; David Duke as head of the EEOC; etc. etc. etc.

Henry "Conductor" Gomez said...

Yeah, if anything hypocrisy comes from he who casts the first stone but refuses to acknowledge one's own sin. I don't want corrupt Republicans in office. You shouldn't want corrupt Democrats in office.