Thursday, December 07, 2006

Elian has a new "friend"

The Washington Post is reporting that raul castro attended Elian Gonzalez' 13th birthday party yesterday. You see in Cuba Elian's birthday is almost like a national holiday. fidel once famously said that Elian was his "friend." As if it were perfectly normal for a decrepit septegenarian dictator to have a prepubescent boy as his friend. In fact the Anita Snow of AP says:

...Raul Castro, 75, has been increasingly taking on his brother's public duties...
In Cuba attending a 13 year old boy's birthday party is a public duty. And they said Cuban exiles politicized Elian. What in the hell do you call this?

With "friends" like these, who needs enemies?

Thanks to Mom for the tip on the photo.


benning said...

I'd call it sad, sick, and disturbing, but after all, it's the Castro boys. Sad, sick, and disturbing is their natural state.

Juan Paxety said...

At least the father is standing between Elian and raul. Maybe he's a better father than we had feared. Last year, fidel sat right beside the poor boy, but then fidel is not raul.

Anonymous said...

Lo de Elian ha sido toda una canallada. De qué manera han usado a un niño para toda esa farsa.