Friday, December 08, 2006

Cuba's Secrets

Last night on A Mano Limpia, a news analysis show on Spanish TV in Miami, some audio tapes were played. The tapes were of a woman reading a series of numbers in Spanish. So what, you might be asking. The tapes are of intercepted transmissions from Cuba to spies in the US.

You see, each of their moles has a code book (probably all different) which they use to decode the messages from Cuba. The messages are transmitted via shortwave radio. One such radio was found in the home of the convicted Cuban spy that worked in the Pentagon, Ana Belen Montes (Montes is Puero Rican but she was spying for Cuba). Apparently US intelligence analysts call the woman on the tapes "The Cuban Lady".

You can here an example of a transmission by "The Cuban Lady" by clicking here. (Windows Media Player required).

You can learn more about Cuba's secrets at the aptly titled web site Secretos de Cuba and their message board.

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