Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Cuba TV shows Castro meeting with Chavez

Looks like Fifo is not dead yet, only partially dead. The wire reports that El Burro went to La Habana on Monday to meet with Fifo, the Dictator with the Artifical Anus.

The article reads in part: "[k]astro stood and appeared alert in the 10-minute video clip, which state TV said was shot during Chavez's previously unannounced visit to Havana on Monday.

The video seemed to be aimed at knocking down recent rumors about Castro's health, including a report that he was in grave condition.

Castro looked heavier than in previous images that had showed him much more thin and frail. Dressed in a red, white and blue track suit, the 80-year-old was shown sitting and drinking juice.

"This also is far from being a lost battle," Castro said of his current health problems.

He noted that when his severe intestinal problems struck last summer he was still not fully recovered from a devastating October 2004 fall that severely injured a knee and a shoulder. "One after the other," Castro said of his health troubles.

Later in the video, Chavez was even more optimistic, saying Castro had already won the battle to recover his health. The Venezuelan president's brother, Education Minister Adan Chavez, was also seen in the video visiting Castro."

The above link will also take you to the video.

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Mizzoubanazo said...

I was watching the ABC video... I love that their correspondent is able to say that "most Cubans" were glad to se him recovering, immediately after he said "I did talk to a COUPLE of people."

With what other subject are reporters allowed to flat out make things up on the air as they go along so as to make it seem they are getting something done?