Monday, January 29, 2007

Party time?

My "Cuba" news alerts have been buzzing with various re-hashes of a Miami Herald article about the planning of a possible party in the Orange Bowl upon the official announcement of fidel castro's death.

The only question that remains, aside from when will this party take place, is how long will it take before the official Cuban press and their willing accomplices in the worldwide MSM begin to condemn us for thinking such "macabre" thoughts?

5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

Any second now.


Jose Aguirre said...

Fuck the MSM, they disparage us regardless! We'll party at Versailles, La Carreta, la Ermita, el Orange Bowl and everywhere in between!!! I only hope the partying starts tomorrow!!!

St. Jose said...

Muy pronto, alrededor del mundo, todos los cubanos en el exilio podremos celebrar que Cubita será libre. Dios permita que los que están adentro en Cuba puedan celebrar también y que Castro y sus lameculos se vayan para siempre.

Arriba Cuba.
Abajo Fidel.

Viva Cuba Libre.