Thursday, February 22, 2007

Ana Menendez taking a page from the Herald's playbook

Check out my latest post at Herald Watch (a blog I have admittedly been neglecting lately).

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raul said...

I have been sending Ana Menendez notes for about six months. Though I do not receive the Herald, and I don't live in Miami, some of my Maristas friends have sent me her pompous Herald articles in which she pretends moral superiority over the Cuban Exiles. I suppose she's in with the FIU crowd that pretends to have "ignored" that the Alvarezes were spies, and I would guess she might be among those who now meet with Max Lesnick at Tinta y Cafe on Calle 8 to pitch ideas about Che Guevara being a saint, and to stop the USA's "blockade" (no such thing exists, of course)of Cuba so the Castros can save their neck and enrich themselves a bit more. I've been posting in the venomous blogs of these treacherous and treasonous dialogueros, telling them exactly what they are. I've posted under my name, raul, and also raul eladio, and a nickname I use sometimes (reminds me of los muñequitos de La Marina), brick bradford, the man who flew around in time in El Trompo del Tiempo. Ana Menendez always replies to my messages by saying that she "enjoys my emails to her," but I sense that, given her great self-esteem and sense of superiority, she's greatly offended by what I say to her about her (either)foolishness in attacking the exiles instead of Castro, or her perversity perhaps in doing so.