Friday, February 23, 2007

Feds Bust Cuba Travel Scam

The Herald is reporting that the Feds have busted two wankers from Floridain a scheme to violate Cuba travel restrictions through travel licenses for fake churches.
"The case against Margolis and Vazquez is the first criminal prosecution of Cuba travel violations since formation in October of a special team of federal and local law enforcement investigators to root out breaches of the embargo. The Cuban Sanctions Enforcement Task Force was credited Thursday by senior federal law enforcement officials with piecing together the case against Margolis and Vazquez. In an arrest affidavit, investigators said the two men obtained religious licenses from the federal government and supplied the licenses to several travel agencies, including one in Hialeah. Those agencies then charged travelers -- more than 4,500 in all -- a $250 fee to use the falsely-obtained license."
Bloody wankers.
Read the article here. Read the arrest affidavit here.

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Pete said...

In Hialeah baby... Where there are more churches than Mcdonalds.