Thursday, April 19, 2007


On April 2nd the Cuban hip-hop group, Orishas, published their fourth album Antidiotico in Europe. According to their fan site Orishas the Best, the CD is collection of some of their best music and includes three new songs: Silencio, Una Pagina Doblada, and Hay Un Son. There is a special edition Antidiotico that includes a second CD with remixes and exclusive collaborations on their work, as well as, a DVD with several video clips. What's also worth noting, is that according to the website, "Una Pagina Doblada" deals with the restlessness and hope that is in the streets of Havana over the unknown status of Fidel.

Fusing Hip-Hop with Son, the Orishas take Cuban music to the next level. The import is a little pricey, but once it comes down I'll be buying it.

*I owe much credit to Conductor who got me hooked on these guys.

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