Thursday, April 19, 2007

Oscar Sánchez Madan, Cuban dissident journalist was sentenced to four years in prison after a one-day trial without a defense lawyer

Interesting that in the same week I wrote about the importance of defense counsel here, we find this article showing you the swift justice (or rather lack thereof) that you get in that Paradise that the Code Pink morons and those New York City school teachers and their students rave about; the Herald reports:

A Cuban dissident journalist was arrested, tried and sentenced to four years in prison -- all in one day and with no defense attorney -- on charges of being a ''pre-criminal social danger,'' a press freedom group said Wednesday.

Oscar Sánchez Madan, a 44-year-old resident of Unión de Reyes in central Matanzas province who writes for the Coral Gables-based Cubanet network, was summarily processed Friday, Reporters Without Borders said.

The Paris-based press freedom organization said he is the third reporter jailed for "dangerousness'' since interim President Raúl Castro took over power July 31 from his ailing brother Fidel.

And there's all these putzes out here who whine that their "civil liberties" have been taken away by "W" and those evil Republicans (although the DA in the Duke case was a Dem), but in the end, those folks who try to abuse our system have checks and balances, such as defense counsel and due process; something Mr. Madan has never seen or experienced in his 44 years. And yet these same shmendricks who whine with the "my civil liberties have trampled" are free to make asswipes of themselves at Bush rallies by calling for his impeachment; then can type all they want on the net under fake names; they can hire a lawyer or get the ACLU folks to help them out (in fact there are those in the ACLU who are big shots whoy like to threaten blogs with lawsuits despite their speech being protected).
So much tripe, too little time. Go figure. Read the rest of the Herald Article, here.
UPDATE: Looks like Marc at UncommonSense already wrote on this. Geesh, the Herald is slow.

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Lori said...

This was the reason for his arrest:
''pre-criminal social danger,''.

Ok, I'd also like to add that he's black. Can you just imagine if this were to happen in the US? this is the government Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, Danny Glover, Harry Belafonte and a whole other group of people support?

They should be put in a mental instutition for pre-delusional danger, although I think they're all past the "pre" stage.