Friday, June 01, 2007

Matt Lauer's Track Record on Cuba

Marc Masferrer has posted a link to a great clip on his blog, Uncommon Sense. The clip is of an incredulous Matt Lauer asking Andy Garcia a bunch of questions about Elian. Most notably comes the final question where Lauer equates the exile community's possible behavior if Elian were to stay in the US with Garcia's characterization of Elian as a pendant or trophy that Castro would wear around his neck. It just goes to show you how the Today show perceives Cuban-Americans. Garcia was a champion in the interview, though I'm sure that some people, who prefer to tear others down, would find something to fault him for.

Also, though she's not part of the Today show anymore take a look at what Perky Katie had to say about the Elian saga:

Matt some suggested over the weekend that it's wrong to expect Elian Gonzalez to live in a place that tolerates no dissent or freedom of political expression. They were talking about Miami.

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