Monday, June 04, 2007

What in the world is Matt Lauer reporting on in Cuba?


The question is: what is he going to share with his viewing audience and what will be left out of the report? In order to prep his audience for the discussion I am profiling a Cuban political prisoner that he should talk about, but probably won't. (Parts of this profile come from the Free Cuba Foundation).

Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet is a Cuban physician and the head of the Lawton Foundation, a human rights group considered an illegal organization in Cuba, who is serving a 25 year prison term, imposed after an unfair trial in 2003 for his non-violent advocacy of human rights.

By using non-violent means to expose the crimes of the government of Cuba, and by being a young, charismatic black man he threatens to demystify all the lies of the revolution of 1959.

Dr. Biscet is one of 75 human rights activists and independent journalists sentenced in the spring of 2003 to prison terms of up to 28 years.

Throughout much of his time in prison, Dr. Biscet has been held in sub-standard punishment cells, often in solitary confinement or with violent criminals. For long periods of time, he has been deprived of any outside communication, visits or vital medications sent by his family.

He is currently being held in a windowless cell which lacks adequate water and from which he is infrequently taken outside.

In the video below, Biscet's wife, Elsa Morejon, demonstrates the conditions under which her husband lives in prison.

Questions for Matt Lauer: Will you ask the Cuban government for permission to speak with Biscet?
Will you attempt to interview Biscet's wife, Elsa Morejon?

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