Monday, January 21, 2008

One way or another Fred's got to decide

It's no secret I've been backing Fred Thompson for president since before he declared that he was running. Now, with the disappointing 3rd place finish in South Carolina Fred has some decisions to make. The first of course is if he's going to continue on and the second is who he is going to endorse. One way or the other he shouldn't leave his supporters in limbo.

This is where it gets complicated. Some unscientific polls are indicating that most of Fred's backers have Mitt Romney as their second choice, despite the fact that Fred will probably endorse McCain. If Fred stays in the race, he then runs interference for McCain.

As a Fred supporter I have a difficult decision to make too. If I were to vote my conscience for who I think the best president would be, I would vote for Fred despite the fact that he is not going to win the nomination. But a vote is not only about who you want in the Oval Office, but who you want out of it. Which is why I am leaning toward voting for Mitt Romney on January 29th. He's been my second choice, albeit a distant second, for a while now. What I certainly do not want to see is a Mike Huckabee nomination.

The only imponderable is what I would do if McCain would announce his intentions to bring Fred aboard as his running mate. It seems to me that it's the sensible thing for McCain to do. Fred adds balance to the ticket in more ways than one. Fred is a southerner and the only candidate that has been consistently described as conservative, something which McCain lacks. While Fred is no spring chicken, McCain is even older at 71.

At this point, it's anyone but the Huckster.

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