Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Signaling to the bench

With all due respect to my co-blogger, SrCohiba, who is backing John McCain, now that Fred Thompson has dropped out of the race I'm going to be voting for Mitt Romney in the Florida Republican Primary a week from today. In my judgment he's the best of the rest. I think I'm entitled to change my mind. SrCohiba did.


Ms Calabaza said...

Everyone is freaking out because Duncan Hunter endorsed Huckabee. IMHO, he is a pragmatist and sees the reality of the situation. The only two guys that might have a chance against Hill_bAMA is McCain or Huck.

Sorry, Romney would be the EASIEST candidate for the dems to beat. He is central casting's version of the out-of-touch Republican. My motto is: ANYONE but Hillary.

I would like McCain run with Lieberman. Henry, don't choke on your breakfast! Hear me out: This would be like having a moderate democrat ticket over Stalin (Hillary).

Henry Gomez said...

Electability in November is not a criteria that I use in making my selection in the primary. I vote for who I think would make the best president. I think that person is Romney. "Electability" is overrated. Reagan was not seen as an electable candidate. He was a "war monger" that was going to bring about world war III.

I think Americans respond to common sense conservative messages when they are delivered correctly.

I think Mitt can do that.

Ms Calabaza said...

let's agree to disagree. But, in all fairness I must tell you that I am a registered Independent, plus I don't live in your state.

I just don't see any Reagans out there this year. I'm beginning to think this is just going to be like the Dole candidacy . . .

Every conservative blog I go to is all over the map as to their support on candidates. My fear is that 4-8 more years of the Clintons would be horrible for this nation. We are still paying for their last administration.

I hope you're right and I'm wrong. . . but I just don't see Romney as the man to counter the Clintons.

Henry Gomez said...

I guess I got caught being a hypocrite. A reader rightly pointed out to me that I used electability as a criteria in the GOP primary for Florida governor. Oh well, I guess I wasn't as turned off by Charlie Crist as I am by McCain. Besides I don't think McCain is truly electable. I think liberals won't vote for McCain when they can vote for a Democrat liberal. Let's give people a choice not the same candidate from two different parties.