Thursday, July 21, 2005

Do you see what we see?

Okay, as you know we went nuts trying to remodel the site, and it's not been an easy task.

¿Bueno, que crees?

There have been two issues brought to our attention:

1) The banner doesn't come up on every computer. (do you see our banner?)

2) On some computers there is a two inch gap between the sidebar and the blogposts. (do you see that, and does it look bad?)

Thanks, as always we try to make this site as available, as presentable and as relevant to you our readers.


The Universal Spectator said...

The banner comes up fine on both of my browsers. The gap is not visible in Forefox 1.0.6, only in IE. I also see a fine border. Is that supposed to be there?

Juan Paxety said...

Same - banner fine in both browsers, gap in IE only.

Val Prieto said...

Banner looks great. The separation between boxes is there using IE.

You may also want to ad a small space on the outsides of the boxes. Right now, they line up at theedges of the browser.

Robert said...

I see the banners on both browers here at work, but not on my IE at home. I'm sure it's my problem.

I see the same gap on IE the others noticed.