Thursday, March 09, 2006

Too Funny!

I just got a message in my in box. The sender was "Fidel Castro Ruz." Apparently I was bcc'd on the message below (that I have translated) which was sent out to several email addresses in Cuba. Very funny. Congrats to the culprit.


From: Fidel Castro Ruz
Yankee Imperialism and our Battle
Date: March 9, 2006 1:06:58 PM EST

Loyal Comrades of the Great Cuban Revolution:

Shamed I am at this moment, but I must ask the pardon of all of you, who valiantly and persistently have dedicated yourselves to the fight to maintain our Marxist-Leninist revolution against the Yankee blockade, in spite of the collapse of all the noble fights of this type since Marx began to promote his idea of justice. I must beg your pardon, because I have deteriorated in such a way that no longer can I participate in the fight with you. I no longer I have the strength, nor the clarity, nor the spirit to keep on fighting. I am already a shitty and useless, old man that each day looks more like the coma-andante (walking coma) that the enemies of the revolution call me, the Miami Mafiosos, the worms that finally will eat the meat of this lame horse.

I entrust the fight to you, the great interminable fight against the imperialists, the fight for the poor of the world, the slaves of Capitalism, that long to live peacefully under the socialist flag. Never forget that Carl Marx gave us the true definition of peace, that it's nothing more than the absence of opposition to socialism.

So I implore you, great invincible soldiers of socialism, to never lower your guard, nor give up, nor surrender the motherland to the capitalist mercenaries.

As for me, I will be with you always in spirit, because the true fighters never die, although there comes a day when they can go on no longer.

Do not worry about me. I already have my reward. Since 1959, I have been able to save a little every month, from my humble wage, and miraculously, the Swiss bankers have advised me that, by not being a wasteful person, my small savings have grown to more than a billion dollars. I believe that I can subsist on this, without a problem, for the rest of my life, even if that's another 10 years.

I will try to save as much as possible, by not throwing away money on material luxuries, and thus not to spending it all. I do not want to die without being able to leave a small inheritance. I would like to leave a sufficient amount so that each of our best allies can erect a majestic statue of my image, at least 10 meters in height, so that nobody will forget my glorious fight against those that insisted that I adhere, in Cuba, to the infamous Universal Declaration of the Human rights.

I congratulate you a thousand times for your steadfastness and loyalty. I will never forget your life spent in securing my personal advantages.

Socialism or Death, We shall triumph!

Comandante Fidel Castro Ruz

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