Monday, March 20, 2006

Screw the NIT,

Screw Notre Dame and screw Michigan. I'm sitting here trying to watch baseball and the goddamned NIT game between Notre Dame and Michigan goes to DOUBLE OVERTIME. Now it would be one thing if these teams were in the big dance but it's the F-ing NIT a tournament to decide who the 66th best team in the country is. AAAARGH!

And the worst thing is that I paid $9.95 to able to watch all the WBC games online and you'd think they'd have the feed of the game but NOOOOOO! It's the same NIT basketball feed.

MLB is going to get a letter from me!


benning said...

Which I'm sure they will cherish as much as they have the records of Pete Rose.


Don't have cable - not enough money to pay for it! - and wouldn't trust the feeds anyway!

benning said...

But, to make you happy and maybe make your day, I put your blog in my list of Recommended sites. I even PaintShop-ped your banner image to make into a link image. Heheheee!

Now don't you feel special? ;)

"Am I a Pixie, or what?" - Dan Fielding, Night Court