Friday, August 18, 2006

Cuba: to the dogs

I was reading the Wall Street Journal today and I read a letter to the editor by a woman named Rina Deych from Brooklyn, New York. Her letter was in response to the atrocious killing of more than 50,000 dogs in Yunnan China because 3 people died of rabies. According to Ms. Deych's letter the Chinese plan to kill 500,000 more dogs.

Now I'm a real animal lover and I'm the proud owner of a retired greyhound so this news is terrible and extremely disturbing to me, but Ms. Deych's last line caught my attention. She says "In case their skinning of cats, dogs, and other animals alive for fur was not enough, this latest ambomination calls for a worldwide boycott of China."

I agree with her sentiment, but I'm left wondering that if we can't rally the world in isolating regimes that perpetrate equally barbaric practices on humans like North Korea and Cuba then how in the hell are we going to boycott China for killing animals?

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benning said...

I'd wager that Ms. Deych has never protested the horrid practices of the Chinese against their own people. We worry more about animals than we do about humans. We forget that the creatures who blithely slaughter dogs and cats, torturing animals for some weird pleasure, often turn to the same treatment of people. Thus the Ches of the world.