Saturday, August 19, 2006

Not quite honey...

I hope to GOD Castro dies. See, I can't wait to see what happens to people like Val Prieto minus Castro. What the hell are they going to do with themselves if they can't spend 14 hours a day obsessing on Castro and the other 10 obsessing on me? What will they do if they can't spend hours a day photoshopping Che Guevara's head on a platter, or making fake videos where someone pushes Castro to the ground? What will they do when they can't waste their days doing shit like this? They will cease to exist to themselves without their indentifying TARGET.

-Unnamed Blogger
I don't speak for Val, but I consider myself one of those "people like Val" and I think that's pretty funny. I've seen a lot of this rhetoric, it's by no means original darling. Opponents of fidel castro have been accused of much worse. But anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows that these words ring hollow. After all, one could argue the same thing about all the lefty Bush haters. If certain brain dead bloggers don't understand the motivation or actions of those of us who oppose tyranny in our backyard and can't see that there's more to us than a blog then that's their problem. As for Leonard Pitts (whose recent column this blogger linked to in her screed), to paraphrase my friend George "Pitbull" Moneo, he's about as qualified to comment on Cuban issues as a cat is to judge the AKC championships.

The cotton candy author's comments notwithstanding she raises an interesting question about what castro's opponents will do when he's dead and buried (like cotton candy, what she writes might taste good but it's definitely not good for you) .

So what will I be doing the morning after? I know I'll be celebrating. But the "gifted one" and others of her persuasion think there'll be some sort of hangover, a sense of loss of purpose. But fidel castro's death does not mean instant democracy for Cuba. So I'll be here pretty much doing the same thing I do now: educating people about what really is going on in Cuba, raising awareness of the political prisoners and advocating for policies that will bring freedom to Cuba.

Once Cuba is free, I'll dedicate myself to telling just some of the thousands of stories of the injustices that occurred during castro's reign of terror. Why? Because I'm a historian and that's what historians do babe. I'll visit Cuba and hear these stories first hand. I'll travel the length of the country to gather them and learn about my roots.

If I'm fortunate enough perhaps I can contribute to the rebuilding of Cuba. I have a tiny bit of expertise in my given profession that perhaps can be of use. I too am looking forward to the day that I don't have castro to kick around. Far from leaving me without a purpose, I'll have a new and much more exciting one.

As for thinking of you 10 hours a day, don't flatter yourself sweetie, you're like a gnat orbiting my head, I only think about you when you buzz by my ear or land on my nose. Now buzz off before I get the fly swatter.


AmandaDufau said...

Well said, conductor. And kudos for not linking...that person does not deserve whatever traffic "we castro haters with no life" send that way. Can you imagine smart, rational people visiting her blog?!

benning said...

I agree with amandadufau. "Unnamed" is the best PR this twit can hope for!