Friday, December 08, 2006

House Cleaning

Perhaps you noticed some slight changes to the blog. I added a watermark to the background with key phrases from the Cuban and American national anthems.

Also, I switched the blog to the new Blogger Beta. Most of the changes won't affect the readers but the interface for the bloggers is easier to use and more versatile. You will notice however that the Blogger bar at the top of this page now has a functioning search engine. If you enter the word Reagan there, the page will reload with all the posts that mention Reagan listed from newest on the top to oldest on the bottom.

My critics can now go back and see my thinking on any topic to try to detect any inconsistencies. I welcome that. Have fun.

And if you have a question for the Cuban-American dont forget to email it to me. Cranks need not apply.

1 comment:

Nelson said...

I like it. Very clean